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  Member benefits include: 1) a thriving homeschooling community, 2) diverse educational opportunities, 3) social events & field trips, 4) 4-H club perks.  Follow these simple steps to become a member.
01. Visit

Come for a visit! We welcome all.  We meet most Fridays from 12-4pm throughout the year.  See classes and schedules for more info about when and where we meet.  

02. New Member Orientation

Our members would like to help orient you to HAA.  Please contact us with questions and download the New Member Orientation Packet for more details.  At each welcome party on the first day of each semester we host a new member meet 'n' greet. 

03. Join 4-H

HAA is a registered 4-H non-profit organization.  Please read 4-H Info for New Members.  All children 5 years + must register with 4-H annually and pay the 4-H fees ($20 per child, max $60 per family. Click here to enroll.

04. Register for Classes

Please submit an online registration form for each child.  This form is required for each child regardless of registration/participation in upcoming semester classes.  You are not required to register for classes if you wish to be a HAA member. Once you submit registration you will receive an invoice and confirmation of your registration status.

05. Pay Your Fees

Class registration and membership are confirmed only after payment is made or a scholarship plan has been arranged.  Payment includes:

1) $20 4-H Annual fee; 

family limit of $60

2) $50 - HAA Annual

family registration

 3) $45 per class

plus variable material fees


We accept cash or check at HAA or mailed to the address on the online registration form.  We are no longer using online payment methods.

06.  Join Facebook 

Optional. Join the Homeschoolers of Ann Arbor (HAA) facebook group for current events and updates. If you do not use facebook, may receive all group updates via the group email list.  You will automatically be added to the group email list once membership is confirmed.

We will process your membership promptly upon receipt and confirm your status after receiving payment and all documentation.

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