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We are a family-oriented, inclusive, secular, member-driven, 4-H group

for homeschooling families in and around Ann Arbor. Our group is committed to building a close-knit, diverse community dedicated to raising and educating our children primarily outside institutional environments. Within our group, educational philosophies and practices are respectfully exchanged and discussed. We are an all-inclusive group and are not bound by religious creeds or political parties.  Our 4-H group is geared towards children 5 to 18 (with younger siblings welcome).  

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4‑H Pledge

I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
and my health to better living,
for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

Promesa 4‑H

Prometo usar mi mente para pensar con más claridad,
mi corazón para ser más leal,
mis manos para ser más servicial,
mi salud para cuidarme más,
por mi club, mi comunidad, mi país y mi mundo.

 2020 Schedule

Heading 2

Spring Semester is CANCELLED

**Check back for updates**


 All classes and meet-ups will take place at Parkridge Community Center in Ypsilanti.

Summer 2020 Park Schedule 

May 12-4 PM

May 22nd: County Farm Park

May 29th: County Farm Park

June 12-4 PM

June 5th: Independence Lake

June 12th: Island Park

June 19th: Island Park

June 26th: Island Park

July 12-4 PM

July 3rd: Mill Pond Park

July 10th: Rolling Hills

July 17th: Mill Pond Park

July 24th: Mill Pond Park

July 31st: 4-H Youth Show

August 12-4 PM
August 7th: Plymouth Township Park
August 14th: Gallup Park
August 21st: Gallup Park
August 28th: Gallup Park

September 12-4 PM
September 4th: Island Lake Park
September 11th: Montibeller Park
September 18th: Montibeller Park
September 25th: Montibeller Park


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